No posts lately?


Check out my Stuffed Peppers  recipe on this blog posted in December 2014, “Holiday fare: colorful and tasty.”

Just wanted to explain why I haven’t posted to A Cook’s Journal for a long time. It all has to do with my arrangement with the newspaper and when I send them a column.

I sent a new column in almost a month ago, but they have not been able to get the room to print it because of all the community news and political issues that have mushroomed lately including graduation, local sports, school board disputes, and city secession issues. Really!

Since I’ve granted the Bangor Daily News First American Rights, I cannot post my column online until 48 hours after it appears in the Aroostook Republican and/or the Star-Herald.

Sooo, I’ll try to post some recipes that will not be in the paper but what I’ve been making lately. Please write and comment on what you’d like to see. I welcome all suggestions and submissions! Happy cooking!

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